Buildings Delivered in 15 Days
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Buildings Delivered in 15 Days

Sometimes, you need accommodation within a matter of days. That's why Portakabin has developed a range of relocatable building solutions that can be delivered within just 15 working days!

Developed due to demand, we have worked closely with customers to bring you 42 ready-to-use accommodation solutions, catering for every need. Which means that you can now purchase up to 70m2 of modern, attractive space - fast.


Example building solutions

Solus SL031VAR1 Solus SL072VAR4 Solus SL082VAR2

Solus SL102VAR4 Solus SL0102VAR6 Solus SL122VAR6

Titan TN104VAR2 Titan TN104VAR3 Titan TN124VAR3

Titan TN184VAR2

The fastest delivery of a relocatable building available – with no compromise on quality!
With over 45 years at the cutting edge of modular construction, Portakabin offers you some of the most sophisticated building systems on the market. Available to buy from stock, these building solutions boast the same high quality fit-out that comes as standard with all Portakabin buildings.

Manufactured in highly controlled factory conditions, your building comes fully fitted with all plumbing, electrics, heating and internal finishes before being transported to your site. Which is why you can now enjoy faster delivery times with no compromise on quality.

Don't fall victim to late delivery and budget overspend
What would late delivery and budget overspend really cost you? Disruption to your operations? Financial difficulties? Your personal reputation?

Unfortunately, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has reported that only 63% of building projects are completed on time and only 49% to the agreed contract sum. *

Last year, 99.9% of Portakabin projects were delivered on time and on budget**
We know that when it comes to meeting those tight deadlines, it's more than your building on the line. That's why we are the only modular building provider to commit to delivering your building on time and on budget. If we fail to meet your contract start date, we'll give you an additional six months' warranty on your new building. That's a promise.°

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*Source: Research carried out by BCIS on behalf of Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Construction Faculty - September 2004.
**Based on Portakabin order analysis from July 2009 to June 2010.
°Terms and Conditions apply. A copy is available on request.

“Parents and teachers are thrilled to bits with the replacement buildings, and the children are really enjoying their new facilities."

A spokesperson at Haringey Council

“The new building is tremendous and everyone is delighted with it. It meets all permanent building standards and complies with all NHS regulations, which means it will serve us well for as long as we need it. The staff are very happy working in this wonderful new facility.” 

Clive Austin, Project Lead Manager, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Design and Build

Yorkon Building System

For design and build options

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Portable Buildings



At up to 67m2, Titan is Europe's largest self-contained portable building

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Solus -  Single Modular Building from Portakabin


Contemporary, attractive, plug-in-and-go space for up to six people

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Glazed Titan

Glazed Titan

At up to 67m2, Titan is Europe's largest self-contained portable building...

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Solus Energy Saver -  Single Modular Building from Portakabin

Solus Energy Saver

NEW A-rated Solus Energy-Saver building saves more than 60% on energy bills

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Titan Building System

Great-value and available in sizes from 70m2to 110m2- sited in a day!

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Titan Energy Saver

Up to 67m of A-rated space with the brand NEW A-rated Titan Energy-Saver building

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Titan Solar

Energy saving self contained office space

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Modular Buildings

Ultima - A Modular Buildings System from Portakabin


Accommodate up to 1,000 people - or more - in spacious, welcoming surroundings

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Ultima Vision - A Modular Buildings System from Portakabin

Ultima Vision

Create an inspirational environment for up to 1,000 people or more

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Classrooms by Portakabin


Attractive classroom block featuring two spacious 64m2 classrooms


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Nurseries by Portakabin

Lilliput Nurseries

Bright, stimulating and safe specificially designed building

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Portaloo - Toilets Showers and Changing Rooms

Mobile Changing Room from Portaloo

Changing Rooms

Shower and changing room buildings for team and individual sports

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Colourful, welcoming toilets specially designed for primary school children

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Mobile Shower Units

Toilet Blocks

Bright, welcoming toilet buildings fitted out to domestic standards

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Temporary Shower Blocks by Portaloo

Shower Blocks

Attractive, well-equipped buildings fitted with high-performance showers

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